Glory Hole Secrets Alyssa Lynn Free Porn Video
Glory Hole Secrets Alyssa Lynn
Glory Hole Secrets Alyssa Lynn Free Porn Video
If you like sexy blondes with huge tits that love sucking cock and swallowing cum then you have come to the right place. Welcome Alyssa to our gloryhole for her first ever gloryhole video. She just has sex oozing from ever inch of her hot body. She pulls out her big titties and caresses them. She gets down on her knees and the first cock pushes through, she wastes no time getting on his semi hard cock. She moans and groans as she strokes and sucks. He grows big and hard in her mouth and she gags on his dick by taking it all the way down her throat. She spits on his cock and plays with his balls. She continues to pleasure him until he blasts her tongue with his hot jizz, she makes sure to suck out every drop then swallows his goodness. She shows off her beautiful smile, giggles and licks the cum off her chest. She pulls off her top, shorts and pink see through panties. She rubs her pretty pussy as cock 2 reaches through the hole and plays with her awesome breasts. She takes his penis into her warm mouth and sucks away. She jerks and sucks him, then deepthroats his hard dick. He doesn't last long. He pops right on to her tongue and she enjoys swallowing. She talks about how big her clit is and that she wants to get a pussy piercing. So of course she spreads her legs and shows us. Cock 3 pushes his hard cock through the hole and gets down to business. Sucking, licking, jerking and deepthroating him. She rubs her pussy as she pleases him. When he is ready to release his cum shot, she opens her mouth and takes his white hot cum on her tongue then swallows more protein. Alyssa moves over to cock 4 and he reaches through to feel her tits, she tells him to put his cock between her huge tits. She helps guide him through the hole and he grows big and hard in her mouth, he doesn't last long with her. He explodes his man juice right into her mouth. She is having fun, she laughs and waits for cock #5 to push through the hole. She sucks his cock deep and fast. She moans and seriously worships his cock until he is ready to unleash his cum goodness on her tongue. She takes his huge load into her mouth and swallows. Cock 6 pushes through and she slaps his dick all over her pretty chest. He grows in no time, she strokes and sucks him as deep as she can, he is big. This horny cum lover enjoys sucking him until he releases his cum on her tongue giving her another oral creampie. Cock 7 pushes through the hole and she pleasures him with her dick sucking lips, hands and tongue until he gives her his hot man juice. Cock 8 pushes through the hole and she also wants to play with her big titties. His cock comes through rock hard and she eagerly puts him into her gorgeous mouth and starts sucking, she gags on him and loves it. As he cums you can hear his moans through the hole. She loves taking another cum load down the hatch. She bends over and slaps her ass then takes cock 9 into her mouth. You can tell she really just loves sucking cock. She moans as she sucks and strokes, giving him a sexy blowjob. She deepthroats him and gags on his thick hard dick. He delivers her tongue yet another yummy cum gift. Cock 10 reaches through the hole and grabs her monster tits. She takes his cock into her mouth and starts to please him. She sucks and strokes him and he gets rock hard. She loves sucking his big hard dick and he loves blasting her pretty mouth with his hot jizz. Cock 11 pushes through the hole and she treats him like he was the first. Loving all over him, sucking and stroking him as he grows hard in her mouth. She does her gagging routine on his dick and he likes that. She sucks and strokes him for awhile until he was ready to pop into her gorgeous mouth. Last but not least cock 12 pushes through the hole and she starts to get him hard. She sucks him deep and fast non stop until he lets loose and blasts her tongue with his cum shot. She sucks his cock dry and she swallows every last drop. She comments on how big his load was and he was a mouth full.
8 months ago
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